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Effective Teams – Characters

Blog - Pradosh Nair - Pratishthan

All through the education system or childhood, it was about fitting in. One doesn’t want to stand out, especially for being different. Be it friends or family or life in general. Avoid conflicts, peace is good, before you say ‘No’ you think a hundred times.

All that changed in the first few months with the Effective Team. One thing I saw was the number of characters. Nobody tried to fit in, all were characters, none timid. I felt this was a anomaly.

When we think about, the environment nurtured this, all being deeply passionate and being able to speak their mind to their juniors, contemporaries, seniors or bosses. Folks almost wore their quirkiness as a badge, they would stand in the way if they felt what was being done was not right for the product. That is ownership and believing that they would not be admonished for doing what is right.

In fact if somebody stayed silent it used to be unnerving as it suggests a lack of understanding or disconnect.

Building the same magic in Pratishthan Software Ventures, we have carefully selected a few, looking for some more.

PS: I could add only a few in the sketch, there was a lot more madness

This blog was first posted on LinkedIn by Pradosh Nair here.