Streamline Testing Efforts and Maintain Consistent Quality Standards

product quality assurance

Deliver a Seamless User Experience

To ensure the product meets both functional and non-functional requirements, providing a seamless user experience requires a robust Quality Assurance (QA) approach. At Pratishthan, our well-established QA practices empower organizations to streamline testing efforts, maintain consistent quality standards, and enhance overall testing efficiency and effectiveness across diverse products.

We actively engage from the product requirement gathering phase throughout the development life cycle to identify and mitigate risks early in the development process. Our QA capabilities include the following.

Pratishthan Software Ventures

Expertise with Optimized Processes

A pool of industry-experienced QA professionals who follow well-defined testing processes, methodologies, and workflows and are continuously getting trained on testing techniques, tools, and best practices

Pratishthan Software Ventures

Multiple Specializations

Microservices testing, end to end functional testing, performance testing across different technology stacks covering both cloud-native and on-premise solutions

Pratishthan Software Ventures

Test Automation

Comprehensive frameworks, automation toolkits, and workflows

Pratishthan Software Ventures

Knowledge Repository

Templates, guidelines, and resources for continuous improvement

Our Offerings

Delivering Technology Agnostic Solutions

Your technology-related challenges must be addressed in the best possible way and by those who understand both, business and technology.
Our experience across industries and in working with large, medium and small enterprises places us in a unique position where we extend our learning across the industries to the work that we do.

It’s all for the love of solving business problems.

Our Experience

Building Robust Platforms & Frameworks

Our people have helped build fintech products at scale when fintech wasn’t a buzzword. We’ve helped create platforms that bring people closer to each other end enable businesses to deliver an experience to remember, to their customers.

We have done all this based on our experience and the fact that our team brings not just the seasoned technology folks to you but also the young ones who are raring to go and build that something awesome for you.

In fact, 20% of our people have over a decade of hands-on technology experience.

Our Work

Solving Business Problems Through Technology

We helped build one of the first interfaces for UPI in India when UPI was in a nascent stage. We helped create a platform for performing artistes to take their talent to the world at a global scale. We have enabled our clients to imagine, execute and experience enterprise-grade applications that could would scale up on-demand and do so, in an optimal manner.

We're living it up in beautiful Bangalore

If it’s a business problem that needs a technology solution, we’re there for you.

If it’s an exciting career that you want to build across technologies, we’re there for you too!

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